Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Email from Viv

oh wow, i'm living with my grandparents right now and ti's very hard to conect with internet,,, so i'm at my cousin's house right now. FINNAALLLY THE WORD WIDE WEBINS.
anyways, too much to say when my cousin is nagging me to go off the comp and let him play games sooooo
IDK, like bout course palnnng, i mean i got my new passowrd but it doesn't work so i'm gonna have to do it all when i get back.. thought radford did email me, and didn't get to check yet.
...once evrey thursday, i guess it means well for my career... okays

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long time no see

Well. Guess what. Vivo is in China. Again. Her grandmother is ill so she is back with her mother to visit. It's not even spring break yet. That lucky poo head.

Her email from the airport... she brought her laptop:
okay, so finnally after an hour and a half of ex[loring the airport.. they call for boarding
here i go, alone, on a plane, alone, with unknown people, alone, eating airplane food...
have your funs in canada
P.S. i'm using the notebook we got from cadets, DING!